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New Year 2020

Garden Journal
January 1, 2020

Moon and Sky – about 4 PM
January 6, 2020

Lake Michigan – about 4 PM
January 6, 2020

Oostburg, Wisconsin
Photos by Karl

Gardens rest

New Year’s Eve morning
gardens are happy
to be covered with snow

The gardens rest, and grateful for plants and flowers this year.

Garden Journal 2019
Photos by Karl

Time and Place: Grateful for Parks in Town

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park is a small park near the railroad tracks and a business area in Oostburg, Wisconsin. We often reflect upon how thoughtful the growth has been in general over the years.

The post from June 18, 2019 features photos from Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park in June.

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park – July 6, 2019

Parks In Town, the post from July 6, 2019, also includes photos from Veterans Park.

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial ParkAugust 21, 2019

September Park also has photos from Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park this year.

I like to think we are adding to local history with some of our posts.

Photos by Karl

Ellen Grace Olinger


reflection of the lamp
in the window
and evergreens
covered with snow

peaceful blessings
of routine work
and time to read
my reward for a time

poetry journals
and books
by my chair
and on shelves

mandevilla plant
lives in the sunroom now
surely one of the stars
in the yard this year

And so happy we were able to walk by The Sheboygan River at Kiwanis Park again this year (Sheboygan, Wisconsin).

Photos by Karl, 2019