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Music and other thoughts

Music is a part of our daily lives.  What a gift.  

I grew up in a Lutheran church and remember singing in church – words I could not truly understand as a child.  “Create in me a clean heart, O God” (from Psalm 51).  The poetry inspired me always.

I began Quiet Christmas Poetry with “In the beginning was the Word . . .” from John 1: 1.  

More recently, I discovered Helen Jane Long and her beautiful compositions without words.  Yet her titles of CDs and songs seem so right, and I hope to learn more.  For example, “Porcelain.”  Perfect for a CD and the song.

Working with visual art more, with blog posts, I also look anew at the album and CD covers.  For example, I remember seeing Joni Mitchell’s paintings all those years ago.  I begin to see different languages of expression, and how artists put their work together for others to enjoy.  Sustain others in difficult times.

And I continue to enjoy Wendy Brightbill’s art.  Her site is a girl and her brush, gathering beauty in the every day.  I buy her calendars, and certain paintings are associated with certain times.  Her style is varied, and includes mixed-media art.  I think, “I could do that too!”  She is a teacher.

Life changes, and it is good to have our sources of inspiration that can travel with us as we learn new times.  One song can recall a lifetime of work.  One painting can fill a room.  I have my Bible with the Psalms taped together now, as they have held me together.  When I was not well enough to read, my heart was full.



Creative Notes – Happy 2017

Wendy Brightbill’s 2017 calendar is beautiful.  I buy her calendars each year and enjoy her colorful and interesting art.

This morning I looked at Wendy’s Instagram site, a girl and her brush.

Her main site, which links to her blog, can be read and viewed here.

Laker in the Mist – Photo by Karl – January 2012

I am beginning to think about poems for a second large print chapbook, in the same style as Quiet Christmas Poetry.  These would be short poems of encouragement.

Ellen Grace Olinger

creative notes

I received Wendy Brightbill’s beautiful 2016 calendar.  She is featuring her one word prints this year.  Her main site may be viewed here.


This week I am reading more of Jan Karon’s new novel, Come Rain or Come Shine.  So much life in her books, and wonderful characters!  I looked at her site this morning.  I am slow with novels at the beginning, as I adjust my reading from short poems to prose.


Quiet Christmas Poetry, our large print chapbook, is still available from the books page at Time Of Singing.  All proceeds benefit TOS.  Thanks to Lora Homan Zill, Editor, for her support.


This has been a good creative year – the photos and galleries were a big leap for me!  Grateful.

Blessings, Ellen