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Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon
butterfly rests
on the wind

This is my haiku that was published in tinywords, on October 5, 2012.  They receive many submissions, and my poems have been returned as well, with grace and kindness.  All part of the process and growth as a writer.  Sometimes well-known writers share about their many “rejections” and revisions.  Madeleine L’Engle was/is a good example.

The about page at tinywords offers a lot of good information.  Editors and journals vary in their submission guidelines.

I remember the moment of this haiku.  I was cooking and then sat in a chair for a moment.  Then the poem flew by!

Spring rain . . .

The beautiful sound of rain . . .

tinywords.com is a site I found when I began with email years ago.  D. F. Tweney  is the founder and publisher.  Kathe Palka and Peter Newton are co-editors.

Yesterday I enjoyed a poem at tinywords by Cherie Hunter Day.

I first read poems by Bill Waters in the early years of tinywords, and to the present time.  So I was also happy to discover Bill Waters Haiku on WordPress.

Now the gardens will grow and grow.  The perennials have tolerated seasons of drought as well.


of loved ones . . .
reflection of a tree
with green leaves
in a painting
from my mother’s

* * *

I’m enjoying the new issue of tinywords, one poem at a time.

Many of us are reflecting upon similar themes, it seems.