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New Time

Cafe Bella rebuilt
in Sheboygan
same wonderful people
excellent food
image of strength
and hope

Yesterday, we went to Cafe Bella and then to Walmart. Karl and I each had our own shopping carts, with different items on our lists. We loved seeing the pumpkins and bought one for the ash tree stump.

Ellen Grace Olinger

bright sun

bright sun
Sunday morning

flowers and pink poinsettia
from Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly
in the sunroom window

a little care
and they are

somehow symbols
of strength and courage
to last so long
and be so beautiful

flowers and plants
by windows
seem to say
to the yard outside
Spring will arrive again

Ellen Grace Olinger

Image: wpclipart

Old Wood In The House

strong winter winds
old wood in the house
ceilings, floors, walls
startling me in the early hours
speaking to me this day


the way
Hope holds

Ellen Grace Olinger