Tag: Spring Poetry

evergreen branches

evergreen branches
dance in the wind

light on forsythia
by the old garage

daffodils and tulips
bloom in Sheboygan

and some here too
Wisconsin Spring

Ellen Grace Olinger

Spring grows

We were folding laundry, and I looked out the window.

Spring grows
afternoon shadows
on a green lawn

Routine errands today. We went to the Post Office in Oostburg, and then to Goodwill and Walmart in Sheboygan. Good to see a few neighbors in the morning.

We visited the new Meijers store in Sheboygan this week. They built on the land of a former mall, with many closed stores.

All good for our area, which I so love and appreciate.

Ellen Grace Olinger

tiny new green

tiny new green
perennial leaves
appear after another
Wisconsin winter

I don’t know for sure
how old these
hardy plants are
that welcomed us

to their yard
over 20 years ago
only that I’ve
seen them survive

many different years
and still bloom again
though the years vary
and that is beautiful too

winter thaws

winter thaws
and icebergs melt
water flows again

flowers begin to grow

as times of grief
slowly (I am slow)
give way to new life

not the same
yet so beautiful
in another way

and flowers bloom