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many books

many books
in my life and
poems to ponder

then time to reflect
and write the poem
that only I can write

tulip in a garden
of daylily leaves

Ellen Grace Olinger – May 2015

Image: wpclipart

February afternoon

blue sky
and sun shines
on the snow
that rests on
evergreen trees

shadows of trees
on the snow that
covers the path,
flower gardens,
and lawn

if the weather is not
too severe –

I thought of patients needing
to see their caregivers now, and
when I needed to reach my mother,

teach a class –

there is a solitude
a quiet now
like no other time
of the year

Ellen Grace Olinger

Beautiful Time


early morning
and as I watch
the dawn arrive

I look at the clock
and then the sky

time to watch
the light more closely

also the birch tree

which always offers
the first gold leaf
of the year

Ellen Grace Olinger
July 30, 2017



Poem and Photo


To have a vision
to sustain the effort
to see it all the way
through – –

Even when it seems
to leave you


This is a favorite old poem, and it has found many homes.

It was published first in Time Of Singing.

Ellen Grace Olinger


Oostburg, Wisconsin
July 13, 2018
Photo by Karl