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In 2015, I began taking photos often.  Then a pause, and I began again yesterday.  It was the right time.  These are a few of my favorites.

This photo from April 2015 is of primroses beginning to grow again, through leaves from the previous autumn.  What a hopeful image.

This photo from May 2015 shows fallen forsythia petals on leaves, with some light in the garden.  I realized that poetry helps me to see the photos already present and waiting in the garden.  

Lake Michigan – May 2016

September 2015

December 2017

December 2017

I am grateful to all who make it possible to have flowers from stores in winter.  This photo is from February 2018.  

And since I began this post with primroses beginning to grow, I would like to end with a photo of primroses in bloom by Karl (May 2010).  The old leaves, the new leaves, and the flowers are in one image.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Garden Journal



Cotoneaster colors 



Daylily plants, fall leaves, and the light 

Garden Journal
October 9, 2018
Photos by Karl