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Needlepoint and Easter Lily

Karl took these photos in 2013. I made the needlepoint picture a long time ago, and then had it framed professionally.  The kit was high quality, and the picture is from a painting by Paul Cezanne. We still enjoy the picture in our home.

I began again with needlepoint after I was blogging here for a time. To remember how, I looked at an unfinished piece by my grandmother, Grace, who died a year before I was born. My mother gave me a few of her mother’s handmade aprons. I think my art is from Grace, and my love of language is from my mother. All gifts from God.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo Challenge – colors of the rainbow

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week asks for all the colors of the rainbow:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

So I am going to see if my photos so far can meet this challenge – at least as I see the colors.



For orange, I took a close up photo of part of my Cezanne needlepoint picture.

I think indigo is another color in this painting.







Beautiful blues

Sometimes I also see indigo along the horizon. 



Thank you,
Ellen Grace Olinger

“The Early Years” – prompt from June 14, 2015


I looked back at some previous WordPress prompts and this one, The Early Years, is what I’ve been learning lately.  My interpretation is the things that got lost along the way can be reclaimed and rediscovered.  Photography, coloring, needlepoint.  I enjoyed so many arts and crafts when I was younger.

So perhaps “page three” of my autobiography can also be a later page as well.  And renewal can benefit from hard-earned wisdom and self-confidence – in the sense of trying again.  Always more to learn and feedback may vary.

Some of you may remember Karl’s photo of the needlepoint picture I made, of a Cezanne painting, from a high quality kit.  This is work from my 20s.  Sometimes memories resurface from those years – the passing of a loved one, a memory of my father when he was young.  This happens as I pray the Psalms too, which comforts and gives me strength.

And I’m enjoying looking for different kinds of photos around the yard, as many of you know.


forsythia shadow on the garage
and brick path in the garden


The Early Years Write page three of your autobiography.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Needlepoint Picture


This is a needlepoint picture I made, when I was a young teacher.  I worked from a high quality kit, which as you see, is a picture of a painting by Paul Cezanne. I’ve always loved still life arrangements.  I create and change them around the house, all the time.

There are a few more photos by Karl in my post, Lily And Needlepoint.

Post updated on August 4, 2015.