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some days

some days
I read a poem
and seem to

other times
I reread and
then I may

and years later
see something new

This week, I am rereading Eye of the Beholder: Poems, by Luci Shaw (2018, Paraclete Press).

The language arts are an ever-growing source of inspiration. Sometimes it is good to simply “hear” a favorite author’s voice. A book may have been with you during a difficult time, and now you understand in another way. Luci Shaw is a generous writer. I gave a few of her books to one of the four places where I received care in 2018 and 2019. Now my care is at two places. And home, with Karl. The goal is to maintain progress.

We have to be patient during this time of COVID-19. Karl follows the science regarding progress for a vaccine. We are following directions!

Please see Luci Shaw The Official Website, if you would like more information. I look forward to her new book later this year.

Dogwood blossom – wpclipart

Creative Notes

One day this week, I was reading and then saw a beautiful reflection of icicles on the wall and March calendar, our month of Spring (March 20). I note the image here, and perhaps can write the poem another day.

Two books of poetry I am reading these days are by Luci Shaw.

The books are:

Sea Glass: New & Selected Poems (2016, WordFarm)

and Eye of the Beholder: Poems (2018, Paraclete Press).

You can learn more about these books and others at Luci Shaw’s New Releases page. I’ve been reading her poetry and prose for years.


time of year
when small things
bring even more joy

scented soaps
and a cup of coffee
simple meals

carnations in a blue vase
quiet music and

always poetry

Ellen Grace Olinger

I’m reading Eye of the Beholder: Poems by Luci Shaw (2018, Paraclete Press); and listening to Perspective¬†by Helen Jane Long (2018, BLE Records).