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weathered trees


weathered trees
strong and beautiful
my time of healing

Although about 20 years ago, I still remember seeing the weathered trees here and being encouraged by their examples.  I was recovering from an illness and certainly did not feel beautiful or very bright.  The most routine errand was a huge achievement.  One day I was in a small restaurant in Sheboygan and I looked out the window.  The evergreens I saw showed their hard years.  Sometimes they had to simply keep growing, and maybe years with no growth stayed that way.  How beautiful and interesting, though, they became.  My mother grew more beautiful as she aged, in spite of illnesses; because her soul grew and she loved unconditionally.  Her younger caregivers were blessed.  She was still a teacher, at heart, and she needed to feel useful.  If I am ever challenged as she was, I have a role model.

I also clearly remember thinking, on another day, “If life reverses, it can reverse again.  The message of Easter.”

* * *

Don shared a sketch of a tree this week that also shows the shapes of trees that so inspire.

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The leaf floral frame is courtesy of Free Vintage Art.

sun fades


sun fades
art on walls
and prints
on bookcases
in frames or
held in place
by some small

I take care
to preserve
yet also like
the thought
that in a way
each is then
unique to this

time and place

As a poet, if a poem becomes a part of someone’s life in a new way, somehow the work now has its own life. 


Image: wpclipart

Some notes

Tuesday morning, and I am reading the new Time Of Singing.  I just read a good poem by Betty Spence.

The Lyric also arrived.  This magazine was founded in 1921 and publishes traditional poetry.

I have a beautiful art print by Colleen Briggs in my little study.  Yesterday I enjoyed viewing her post about her mixed-media work, and many of you will understand the technical discussion far better than me.

Down the road, I may try some photography and painting.  For now, words keep me busy.

I’ve been updating Easter And Spring Poetry, though decided to wait awhile before deciding on a sequence of poems, Bible verses, and Karl’s photos for a new chapbook.  After we completed Quiet Christmas Poetry, I did not second-guess the work at all.  I had done my best and given things plenty of time.

Thanks and blessings, Ellen

Sunday afternoon

I’ve mentioned that my father’s parents, whom we called Poppa Ernie and Nanna, were from Sweden.  I remember them well.  My mother’s family was originally from Germany.  Walter and Grace, her parents, died before I was born.

Today Charlotte Digregorio posted a haiku I wrote for Grace, for the Daily Haiku, March 29, 2015 post at her site.  Grace enjoyed the arts and crafts.  I treasure her needlework pieces and aprons.

Charlotte served as the Midwest coordinator for the Haiku Society Of America for five years.  Now she is the Second Vice President for this organization.

I am named for both grandmothers, and my mother called me Ellen Grace.  Nice memories.