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THF “EarthRise 2015: Year of Light” haiku collection

As Jim Kacian stated in a post yesterday at The Haiku Foundation, over 300 poets participated in their first collaborative poem for International Haiku Poetry Day 2015.  Jim created a special online collection with all the poems (over 500).  The post, EarthRise 2015: Year of Light, links to the collection at THF.

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I am also grateful for the kind responses to THF survey question about the Education Wall (page); at their site, on this blog, emails, and Karl has been so encouraging as well. There are many hours of the day and week, when we are both in our separate work spaces.

I mentioned Kala Ramesh last week.  Tom Painting is another teacher of haiku who has contributed several lessons to the Education Page.  Many people have contributed work, and more have expressed interest.  I am so grateful.  We began this three years ago, and published the first set of lessons in 2013.  Takes time.  I am not currently teaching, and the work of those in the classroom now makes the work what it needs to be, growing forward.   I often think of teachers who have only a short time to look at the Ed work.  So we link to all the excellent and free content at THF.  This is volunteer work, and THF is non-profit.  Jim Kacian is the editor for the education work.  I see the entire THF site as educational.

country roads
reflections of light
from new steel roofs

(a new haiku I wrote for the Year of Light collection)

THF Education Resources Page

The Survey Says question this week at The Haiku Foundation asks for feedback about our Education Resources page.

Also this week, Kala Ramesh, who has been teaching haiku in India for several years, helped us begin a new area: StoriesFrom The Field.  We saw Kala’s work as Youth Corner Editor for cattails, the online journal for the United Haiku and Tanka Society.  We thought teachers and others who visit THF Education Page would appreciate knowing about this resource as well.

The education work has grown steadily, as Jim Kacian notes in the survey question.  The excellent work of many poets and teachers is there, and organized well.  Dave Russo at THF is the web administrator.

Thank you, Ellen

Post updated on June 13, 2015