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images and words

images and words
fly through the air
searching for a form
searching for a poem
to call their own

An old poem, from years ago

now that I know
their name
I see them everywhere

I also shared this poem on my site, Poems For Bulletin Boards, on September 13, 2017, with a different picture. Teachers are welcome to use my poems in their lessons, with proper credit. There is a simple language lesson in this poem.

The image is a sample from Redouté’s Fabulous Flowers, courtesy of Dover Publications and The Dover Design Sampler.

Ellen Grace Olinger

butterfly photos

butterfly photos
in a large size
to picture just
how hopeful
hope can be

There are several butterfly photos at wpclipart. I have looked at them over the years, and used a few in posts. A picture on my Psalms DaySpring calendar in my little study got me thinking about the poem.

Poem by Charles A. Waugaman


Listen to the leaves
of robin song
spill into the rain:

parched dreams expanding
and staining the
long afternoon with

poignant fragrances:
blending past and
hope with vibrant joy.

Charles A. Waugaman
WITHIN The Circle of Seasons
2003, Elin Grace Publishing
All Rights Reserved

The rhododendron photos are courtesy of wpclipart.

Creative and Music Notes

Winter so far is not as severe as some years, though yesterday was a grey and cold day. We walked around Veterans Park in town, stopped at Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly, and then enjoyed a simple lunch at home.

In the afternoon,
I listened to It’s About Love,
a beautiful CD by Karen Marie Garrett
“Award-Winning Pianist and Composer.”
I ordered the CD from Karen Marie Garrett’s store.

And I learned of Karen’s art from Pandora, and then bought a CD from Amazon. So all seems to work together. So wonderful that there are so many ways to share our creative work. On Sunday, I bought two books at Goodwill in Sheboygan. I looked at every book shelf, and perhaps other areas of the store next time!

Last week, I received a letter to remind me to schedule a follow-up medical appointment, and I called on Monday. Grateful for the care.

We bought tulips at Walmart.
These pictures are courtesy of wpclipart.

Ellen Grace Olinger

beloved country roads

beloved country roads
the images that went
past my mind and
to my soul

now old friends

and around the bend
seagulls rise
from corn stubble
winter fields

Winter 2015

driving home
on different roads
and streets

these trees are taller

I remember places
that only exist in photos
and memories now

and then
the beauty

of today

Summer 2015

a road back North
from Port Washington
that I know from past
years of my mother’s care

once gravel and now paved
farmers work in their fields
tiny plants grow
so nice to say hello

to some of the old roads

Spring 2015

Reusable Art

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.