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not the best of days
hair needs some work
a missing button
on a sweater
welcome anyway

We love the family restaurants in our area. I look forward to how each place decorates for the seasons. The specials and especially the homemade soups.

Ellen Grace Olinger

“give us this day”

healthy food
and more exercise
as the weather
is more like Spring

blood pressure monitor
on my desk and
mail from Medicare
on the kitchen table

Spring appointments
on my calendar
and grateful for care
both kind and good

poetry in the mail too
and a shelf of memoirs
from thrift stores to read
food for the soul

Give us this day our daily bread.
Matthew 6: 11 (KJV)

Peaceful gratitude – Ellen Grace Olinger

“Sun petals” image is courtesy of wpclipart.

morning clouds

morning clouds
and reflection
of a lamp in the window

the kind of day
when I think

I’m grateful
for a walk at the park

and the colors
of vegetables and fruits

books and blogs to read

the weather
always changes
in time

and is brighter now
as I write

Photo of plums from Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly in town, and tiles from the Habitat for Humanity store in Sheboygan, Wisconsin – August 2017. The tiles are on a shelf by my computer.

These days we are enjoying lots of fresh asparagus.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Local History and Stores

Yesterday I learned that the Gibbsville orchard has new owners, as of July 1, 2018 – as I read at their site M&T’s Gibbsville Orchard. Please see their site for more information and their story.

We have watched beautiful orchards for years.

sometimes by sight
in my life of faith
apple trees in bloom

Time Of Singing (2014)

And it is also time to visit Gibbsville Cheese again.

Over the years, a blog can become a record of local history.

Best wishes to all,

Ellen Grace Olinger

grey morning

grey morning
February settles here
for a time

Yesterday, Karl and I enjoyed a good meal at Sheboygan’s Family Restaurant, then we dropped off a donation at Goodwill. On to Festival Foods and Harbor Freight Tools, also in Sheboygan.

We are so very blessed by Oostburg, Cedar Grove, and other small towns – along with the city of Sheboygan.

Good Day

Another cold day, and colder weather expected. We returned books to our Oostburg Public Library and enjoyed a hot lunch at Parkside Family Restaurant in Sheboygan. We had been there years ago – different owners – and I remembered where we sat with friends. I mention that because while Karl had many childhood summers here, I was newer to the area.

One day at a time, new memories are created, and then I felt at home.

At the restaurant, trucks were going by on the highway. Then because of the cold, we went directly home. I enjoyed decaff coffee with the Psalms in my study.

We have several family restaurants we enjoy, and visit them all, over time. Judi’s Place is here in Oostburg, and Karl was there with friends last week.

They all have their own characters – and warmth, good food, friendly service in common.

It is good to know the feeling of being a stranger. The new person. I am grateful for this life lesson, and for how I belong right where I am now.


Ellen Grace Olinger

small town lunch

lunch in a small town
smaller than our town
good food and people
around all the tables

stopping by and
getting through
the day

so human
all the conversations
flowing freely

as we leave
a woman probably
my age holds the door
for me

I say thank you
so kind of you

we drive home
on snowy country roads

Tiffany’s Waldo Cafe
Waldo, Wisconsin

Ellen Grace Olinger