Tag: Everyday Life

late afternoon

late afternoon
on a warm fall day
people of all ages
at the market
time for supper

Mentink’s Market Piggly Wiggly – Oostburg, Wisconsin

We bought these flowers at Mentink’s Market in July.

Ellen Grace Olinger

clear air and blue sky

clear air and blue sky
work sounds in the neighborhood

shapes of light on painted walls,
books, wood walls

the art, music, poetry
of everyday life

Ellen Grace Olinger

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park
Oostburg, Wisconsin
August 21, 2019
Photos by Karl

small town lunch

lunch in a small town
smaller than our town
good food and people
around all the tables

stopping by and
getting through
the day

so human
all the conversations
flowing freely

as we leave
a woman probably
my age holds the door
for me

I say thank you
so kind of you

we drive home
on snowy country roads

Tiffany’s Waldo Cafe
Waldo, Wisconsin

Ellen Grace Olinger