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bearing much fruit


bearing much fruit
with years of being pruned
old orchard trees

I wrote this haiku for Dutters Gibbsville Orchard in September 2012.

Hope it’s a great summer and harvest for all in 2015.  Yesterday I saw daylilies growing along the roads and by fields of corn.  Everything blooms a little later here by Lake Michigan, which is wonderful because I can observe the flowers for a longer time.


The geraniums are courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy.

Spring In Town

This past week, I drove by Dutter’s Gibbsville Orchard.  The old apple trees, pruned with so much care, are beautiful all year.  They are a wonderful picture of age, and then the spring blossoms, summer growth, and may the harvest be generous.

* * *

From May 2014:

spring in town
dandelions bloom
by the hardware store

Daane Ace Hardware Store
Oostburg, Wisconsin

* * *

Dutch immigrants settled here in the 1840s, as our Village of Oostburg site states.  My father taught history and my interest has grown over the years.  Oostburg has grown in a beautiful way.  We are a small town, and the planning seems to be so thoughtful.  Once upon a time, I was new here.  Now my memories are long.

Blessings, Ellen