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sitting on a porch

sitting on a porch
a long time ago
I began to watch
the perennials grow

July 2015

Photo by Karl – July 14, 2018

Ellen Grace Olinger

Tree work continues and daylilies grow

We enjoyed a nice Easter meal at our kitchen table, yesterday noon, and then Karl worked in the yard.

Once a tall Ash tree, and it fell during a major storm at the end of summer 2018. We are very grateful for how it fell – no one hurt, not on the house.

We will clean up the saw dust, so the hosta can grow.

These are roots from a Willow tree.

Daylilies grow through last year’s leaves.

Garden Journal
April 22, 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger

early Spring

early Spring
in the yard
near the house
daylilies begin

to grow

And in the summer, we will need to clear the path to the door, and so will have daylilies in the house too.

July 2016

Ellen Grace Olinger

Garden Journal



Cotoneaster colors 



Daylily plants, fall leaves, and the light 

Garden Journal
October 9, 2018
Photos by Karl