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cross-stitch from the
grandmother I didn’t meet:
“Put the coffee on”

My poem was published first in Parnassus Literary Journal (2004); and then reprinted as part of my page, Ellen Olinger – Three Questions, a haiku series edited by Curtis Dunlap.

This haiku was also posted on March 29, 2015, as part of the Daily Haiku series at Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog

Poems have their own paths . . . and times.  

Ellen Grace Olinger


Quiet Lake Michigan waves, rose colors along the horizon with clouds, and grey clouds in the sky create a picture.


I begin to see the sun above the clouds.
Now 7:20 AM in Oostburg, Wisconsin.


I enjoy the research for images in the Public Domain. The pictures in this post are from wpclipart.



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the wonder of learning


“Y is for yarn”

I looked at some videos about knitting and a few posts.  Some were beyond my skill level and some were for beginners. I thought that maybe this would help my long-term memory; and then away from the computer, in a comfortable chair with my knitting needles and yarn, I remembered.  Now I am knitting what might be a bookmark, or perhaps something that will be a part of something else.  Right now it’s enough to remember a little and practice.

This is how it was with learning about photos and transferring from the camera to the computer.  Seemed too hard, and then one day, I could do this by myself.  Now I walk around the yard with the little camera, and then can post photos.  Some days, if tired, I may be back and forth between the yard and computer three times.  Other days, things are easy.  The photos are a journal, the way the yard and my learning process really are; I delete many photos as well, and try to select my best.

Thank you for your generous encouragement!

The pictures are from wpclipart.