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Winter Azalea by Charles A. Waugaman



There is a potted azalea in the living room
That feeds my soul.
All summer it planned for bloom.
Month after month it gave itself to this.
I should like to think
It gave itself to me,
Planned to reward me
For the scorching days of neglect
And the numerous hours it lay
Tipped on its side by the exuberant wind,
And crushed against the flagging of the patio.
But the azalea is not concerned with rewards.
It is content to be.
It is in being that it blesses.
I would like to give myself as completely to being.
I would like to feed souls.

By Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010)

WITHIN The Circle of Seasons
Elin Grace Publishing
2003, Author Copyright
All Rights Reserved.

This book is a chapbook I published for Charles, who was one of the first editors to publish my work, in Time Of Singing.

I have surely simplified things in the house and garden with plants. I well know the feelings Charles expresses, and I love his poem.

The drawing of the azalea is from wpclipart.  This yellow azalea is from Reusable Art.

yellow-azaleaThese flower graphics from Karen’s Whimsy reflect some of the rich colors Charles liked.



Painting by Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010)


Favorite art by Charles
from a card he sent me some time ago.
All rights reserved.

The Christmas poem by Charles in my Pages on this blog, with a different painting, is bringing many new visitors.  It is the Top Post, and for some time now.  How he would love blogs!  Happy to honor his work and friendship.

His art and legacy also continue at Time Of Singing, which he edited for years.   http://www.timeofsinging.com

a quiet day


A quiet day.  I’ve written a few notes.

At this moment, Lake Michigan is a pale blue-grey color, and the sky is a soft grey.  I’ve been listening to the water . . .

Under Pages on this blog, the Christmas poem by Charles A. Waugaman that I posted, is one of your favorite poems.  It was from a card he made.  This morning, on my Psalms and Nature site, I posted a Thanksgiving poem by Charles.

Here’s the link to the Psalms and Nature post:  http://elingrace.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/thanksgiving-complete-by-charles-a-waugaman.

Charles had a big heart and his influence continues in many lives.

The images are from the Dover Design Sampler this week; from Masterpieces of Art Nouveau Stained Glass Design: 91 Motifs in Full Color.


The house is speaking . . .


The pine wood walls in our home are from the 1940s.  When I said that the house is speaking, Karl said that is because of the humidity and changing temperatures.

On another topic, for a long time I’ve been following nichepoetryandprose, by Jane Tims in New Brunswick, Canada.  She creates in many ways.  This morning, I’m admiring her “gallery of watercolors.”  The link to her gallery is http://nichepoetryandprose.wordpress.com/gallery-of-watercolors.

Yesterday I found a 1958 copy of Time Of Singing at Amazon.com.  I bought it and look forward to seeing an issue from its first year.  http://www.timeofsinging.com   Benjamin P. Browne was the Founder.  It’s not every day that a poetry print journal lasts so long, and is always new.

I decided to renew my ISBN account for Elin Grace Publishing.  I’m not seeking submissions, but rather think it is time to collect a few of my poems into non-profit large print books.  I have a heart for nursing homes.  This will be informal work.  But the books page at Time Of Singing still offers the Welcoming Hope book, which includes many people from TOS; edited with Lora H. Zill and Charles A. Waugaman.

The fall clipart is courtesy of the Public Domain Images section at Karen’s Whimsyhttp://karenswhimsy.com


Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

Beach032610 015

The prompt for July 22, 2013,  written by michelle w., asks that we check the top 3 – 5 posts in our stats, and then reflect on why they are well-read, and what the connections might be.


I thought today I’d look at the BIG PICTURE, since December 2009.   Please use the Search Feature (home page, upper right hand corner), if you wish to locate the specific posts.  They also show up often in “Top Posts & Pages” (right sidebar).

The top three posts for “all time” are:

1.  Home Page/Archives

2.  Acrostic Poem for HARVEST – with quote from Psalm 126

3.  Acrostic Poem for READING

Some additional observations:

Karl’s photos are popular – our beloved Lake Michigan and all the flowers.

Charles Waugaman’s Christmas poem, which I placed in the Pages (right sidebar) is well-read every week.  This makes me happy.  He was called Home in 2010, and this would please him.  He was one of the very first editors to take my work seriously and publish it in Time of Singing.  Lora Zill is the current editor of this print journal.  http://www.timeofsinging.com

More recently, I can see readers are enjoying my short poems, prose about my story (everyone has a story), and new work with The Haiku Foundation (the detailed haiku lessons).  Jim Kacian is the editor for this work, which includes many people.  http://www.thehaikufoundation.org/the-haiku-foundation-education

Looking again at the TOP THREE, how much this reflects my life.  I love language, reading and writing.  Reading the Psalms has been my spiritual practice since the mid-1990s, and they were always a part of my life. 

They that sow in tears
shall reap in joy.

 Psalm 126

Blessings and thank you,