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August days go by

August days go by
a few gold leaves
on the birch tree


Two August poems from my archives:

a few leaves
drift from the
birch tree
and reach the
last of the lilies

* * *


and watching leaves
turn yellow

I hear voices
but cannot understand
the words

where the daffodils

Ellen Grace Olinger

Being Still


This is simply the birch tree trunk in the back yard.  I thought of some of your photos as I took this picture yesterday.  I enjoy seeing the natural textures.

Sometimes I see something, and I think, “Someone would highlight this small space and create a blog post.”  Now I can too.  Yesterday was the first day I was able to complete the process from photos in the yard to blog posts by myself.  I love to learn.

I love the grand photos as well; of landscapes, and cities, and water.  Also birds.

Thought I’d begin with the yard, seems like the right place for me.

Taking photos seems a lot like writing poems – a nice way to highlight beauty that might otherwise be missed, or not seen as clearly.

I haven’t written the poem yet, but I know seeing the forsythia petals on the old leaves was a haiku moment.  Also true that every poem does not have to be written, and/or can stay in the heart awhile.