Oh Beauty

after times of loss
great worry
I want to feel
my own
art again

I was sad
perhaps numb

oh beauty

the line of a poem
a Psalm, a song,
a kind note

that breaks
my heart open

and I find poems

Perhaps because of Lent, I am prayerfully looking at my life in a big picture way.  This is from my journal today, with some editing as I type.  I’ll send it off, and let it be spontaneous.

Wendy Brightbill is also speaking of beauty and the broken places.  One of her mixed media art prints is in my study, with her saying “but she just kept going…”  Beautiful.  Please visit her site if you have a moment:  http://www.agirlandherbrush.com.

Sunrise After The Storm

after the storm…
glistening lake-waves
branches coated with ice
and a crow cawing

after the storm
driftwood washes to shore
from other places…
what we let go
what we keep

This is a re-post from 3/24/2011.
My father inspired this poem.

It’s a bright sunny day.
The sky is so blue,

and the evergreens
with snow on their branches,

are dancing.

Image courtesy of wpclipart.com.

Snow Before Spring


creative wells

blankets of
fresh snow
will melt
soak all the fields
nourish seeds
to be planted

protect against
any future drought

Image courtesy of doverpublications.com.
From 408 Victorian Ornamental Designs.

Tanka By Carol Purington

From my friend the pilgrim
Mardi Gras beads
wrapped around
her favorite recipe
for communion bread

Winter sky
the holy blue distance
of eternity
all day on my friend’s forehead
the smudge of Ash Wednesday

By Carol Purington

Posted with her kind permission.
All Rights Reserved.

Morning Song: Poems For New Parents is Carol’s latest book, and is edited with Susan Todd (2011, St. Martin’s Press, New York).


Image courtesy of wpclipart.com.

Whitney Houston’s Service

Yesterday, I watched most of the homegoing service for Whitney Houston.  I didn’t catch it at the very beginning, but then watched to the end.  It was wonderful: full of faith, art, and humanity; respect and compassion. 

As I’m sure is true of you, I do not need or wish to know the personal details of her health and life.   Although my health problems were quite different, when I was young, I had a chronic illness and am well now, but changed.  It can be very hard to regain health once lost–let alone your youthful beauty and your former level of achievements.  One of the most painful things when I was unwell was when others confused symptoms of illness with my character (of course plenty of room for growth always).

I bought Whitney’s CD, I LOOK TO YOU (ARISTA, 2009), a few years ago.  This week, I listened to her sing the song, “I Look To You,” more times than I can count.  Her older voice is one of wisdom and faith, battle-weary and beautiful, and looking to God.  Then I found her video of this song on You Tube.  I’ll let you find it too, if you wish.

May we always encourage one another to be well.

And may we always show compassion too. 

“I Look To You” and her service
are how I will best remember
Whitney Houston.

Blessings to all her loved ones.

Image courtesy of antiqueclipart.com.