Psalm 68 Plentiful Rain

Today we have mild weather–and RAIN!
It was a long winter with many blessings.
Now we look for every sign of spring.

“Thou, O God,

didst send a plentiful rain,

whereby thou didst confirm

thine inheritance,

when it was weary.” 

Psalm 68: 9 (KJV)

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In the Company of Others: A Father Tim Novel, by Jan Karon

I wrote about In the Company of Others, Jan Karon’s most recent novel, in my journal this morning.  I finished reading it yesterday.  This is what I said, in my informal notebook writing style:

Wherever Father Tim and Cynthia go, they help hurting people heal, while talking about their own hurts and growing pains at the same time.  They listen and care and accept.  Point towards God’s love, grace, and forgiveness.

I don’t read a lot of fiction, but gave this book 3 days & wish to reread all of Karon’s novels.  It took me time to get to know the new characters.  I needed the right time–and the snowstorm gave me this time.  But then the book flowed for me as all Jan’s books do.  Because she writes about the universals & writes so well.  

In the Company of Others was published by the Penguin Group.  Copyright 2010 by Jan Karon.   The setting is Ireland.

I watched a video of Jan Karon on her website and she spoke of how she loves her readers.  So true.   She is a deep writer, with a great sense of humor!

Today I went shopping for a few basic things and loved the lavender winter sky.  I thought about how the image could fit into a poem and then decided to simply let it bless me!

Photo by Karl.

Kindness and Gratitude


Like my father, who went to Heaven in 1983, I enjoy simple everyday life.  We were both teachers for many years, as was my mother.  When I returned to Wisconsin many years ago, and was no longer in the classroom, it was very special to go to the library, then perhaps shopping on a weekday–and then simply return home and not have to go out again.  I taught at night for several years too.   Grateful for those years as well.   I met so many good people, with whom I am still in touch. 

Life is always changing…

The first years back in Wisconsin were the good caregiving years, and I was also shopping for my mother.  I often went to KMart in Sheboygan, a store that is closing.  Karl and I  went there yesterday.  The people were always gracious, and when we are tired and/or worried about a loved one, simply carrying on with what we need to do the best we can, kindness transforms the day.  

a cup of freshly

ground coffee

I say Grace

“Pretty Pink Blooms”