after the storm…
glistening lake-waves
branches coated with ice
and a crow cawing

after the storm
driftwood washes to shore
from other places…
what we let go
what we keep

for my father

Harold A. Borgh, Ph.D (1915 – 1983)

Spring Poems by Eve Jeanette Blohm

a tiny lily bud
in the glass vase opens
a new season of hope

white carnations
daisies and lilies
apple blossom petals fall
to the city street corner
creating a white carpet

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

he leads me beside still waters
as I gaze at the trees and buildings
reflected in the Central Park Pond
the breeze is still and we look
at an egret as it takes flight
over a grove of trees, alone
solitary, and I watch the
wild ducks and mallards swim
leaving ripples and circles
the longing of peace invades
my soul every moment of the day
as I remember the pond and its bridge

By Eve Jeanette Blohm, all rights reserved.


Lots of spring to report this week!  The robins and red-winged blackbirds are back.  I’m grateful the snow is not melting any faster.   There are puddles in the fields, and I love seeing them every year.  The water is reaching the edges but not overflowing onto the roads, from the view of my routes.  A few perennials are beginning to grow, near the warmth of the house.  I saw a chipmunk at the back door too this week.  Soon we will have daffodils.  Here’s one of Karl’s photos from last year that readers often view.  Blessings!

Three Spring Tanka By Carol Purington

Pink tulips
and a book of new poems
afternoon tea
from face to face
the prism’s iridescence


and I seek a new way
to the quiet place
where the disciples followed
Jesus into prayer


After much rain
the sun remembers to enter
my morning room–
how soft-shadowed
the dream that woke me smiling

Tanka by Carol Purington, all rights reserved. 

Morning Song: Poems for New Parents, a poetry anthology edited by Susan Todd and Carol Purington, will be published on 4/26/2011, by St. Martin’s Press.

NEW TIME – Life After Loss

UPDATE, September 28, 2014:  I also have a small site, Grief And Acceptance.  Blessings, Ellen

* * *

On Friday night, Karl and I enjoyed excellent fish dinners at Rupp’s in downtown Sheboygan.  Neighbors gave us gift cards to thank Karl for help with house repairs.  Everyone was happy about changing the clocks this weekend.  How wonderful to drive home while it was still light.

I remember going to Rupp’s after my mother went to Heaven over seven years ago.  “Normal” for me was being with her in the nursing home during her last illness.  It was different to return to everyday life.  My family experienced many losses after we came here, and the warmth and good food at local restaurants reminded me of my mother’s kitchen–especially the homemade soups!  I enjoyed cooking for her too.

Everyday routines and familiar places help so much with coming to terms with change and growing new chapters.   We keep our loved ones close in new ways.

This morning, while it was still dark, there were deer in the front yard.  They must be hungry and waiting for new spring growth in the woods.

I waited patiently for the Lord;

and he inclined unto me,

and heard my cry.

Psalm 40: 1 (KJV)