Seasons – Images And Two Short Poems

This was a week of books and correspondence. The local boat dock is back in, and the gulls found the pilings again right away.  I always marvel at this.

These are Lake Michigan photos that readers often view, now in one Post:




Hosta near the water last summer.  A hardy plant.

new ideas form
in my mind
grow in my heart
day begins
with fog

how soon the sun
replaces rain

Image of “Herring Gulls” courtesy of

Photos by Karl.

Cedar Fence – Spring And Fall Photos

Karl built this fence for me several years ago, so I could have a quiet little garden.  Today I thought I’d publish these two past photos in one Post, for readers in different places.  And yes, still Spring here!  I picked one lilac today for the kitchen counter.

wood becomes alive

in a brand new way

cedar fence

Ferns and Goldenrod

Used Books And Forget-Me-Nots

I found early copies of used books by favorite authors, Charles A. Waugaman and Luci Shaw, online and ordered some copies.

I ordered from sellers who work with Barnes and Noble and–am just beginning to learn about this online and decided to work with sources I know.  I also buy old books from Mead Public Library in Sheboygan and have some of their discards.

Packages are arriving from different places in the country, promptly, and the books are wrapped with such love and care.  All the books I need for some time!  I plan some thank you notes and gift copies of the Welcoming Hope book I mention in the Pages (a non-profit book with Time of Singing).  This may be a project I save for a rainy day or our next long winter.  It is fascinating to think of the life books have when they go out into the world.

Charles went to Heaven last year.  I love reading poems of his that are new for me, as well as enjoying his unique illustrations.  He found his voice young, and then grew as a poet.  As I put together some dates, I see that he had depth beyond his years.

I wrote about my special admiration for Luci Shaw on May 28, 2011.  She posts current work on her website:

Perhaps old books that become new again are like flowers that grow between bricks.  Karl took this photo in our garden yesterday: forget-me-nots and flowering ground cover that spread from a planter I bought several years ago.  This kind of image inspires me greatly.

Mann Library’s Daily Haiku – Edited By Tom Clausen

If you would like to read a wide range of haiku,  Mann Library’s Daily Haiku is an excellent resource.  Tom Clausen is the Editor, and an accomplished haiku and tanka poet himself.   The website is from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  The link is Tom’s personal website is He writes honestly and well about everyday life.  I first read one of his books during the caregiving years, and his kindness was a support. 

 Photo by Karl.

Luci Shaw – The Trust That Grows Between Writers And Readers

June2011Flowers 001

I found Luci Shaw’s poetry and prose over 20 years ago, and the last few days I’ve been rereading some of her books.

I posted a review for Polishing the Petoskey Stone (2003, Regent College Publishing) on Amazon.comI like to support different book sellers, large and small. This book includes selections from her earlier books.  Her latest book is Harvesting Fog (2010, Pinyon Publishing).  Through her 30 books to date, she shares the chapters of her life, along with her faith and love of nature, in an artful and honest way.

Luci Shaw’s website is  In addition to a list of her books, she also includes new poems and many of her stunning photographs.  Her site is by Paraclete Press (Copyright 2007 Luci Shaw.  All Rights Reserved).

It is wonderful to read from the entire work of such an accomplished writer.  So much to learn; and such a good feeling to remember poems that have personal meaning and that kept me company during critical times.

Photo by Karl.

Poems By Eve Jeanette Blohm – God’s Provision and Common Ground


although we walk through
adversity God says
that He will be there
to guide, lead and comfort us.
He says we are never alone
because along the path of life
God will bring friends
to give us joy and hope
although we may want,
God will always provide.

Published in Silver Wings, Number 142/2011.


No matter what happens
whether the rain falls
or the thunder clashes
whether the skies are dark
or the lightning flashes
whether the inner turmoil
within my heart and soul
does not give me peace
I know I will find
a safe haven within your arms
and the storms will pass
and we will be able to find
a common ground to walk
throughout our life together

Published in SMILE, Spring 2011, No. 64.

Poems by Eve Jeanette Blohm, from New York, NY.
Reprinted here with her kind permission.
All Rights Reserved.

Update: New photo by Karl on June 4, 2011.