after the storm…
glistening lake-waves
branches coated with ice
and a crow cawing

after the storm
driftwood washes to shore
from other places…
what we let go
what we keep

for my father

Harold A. Borgh, Ph.D (1915 – 1983)

Spring Poems by Eve Jeanette Blohm

a tiny lily bud
in the glass vase opens
a new season of hope

white carnations
daisies and lilies
apple blossom petals fall
to the city street corner
creating a white carpet

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

he leads me beside still waters
as I gaze at the trees and buildings
reflected in the Central Park Pond
the breeze is still and we look
at an egret as it takes flight
over a grove of trees, alone
solitary, and I watch the
wild ducks and mallards swim
leaving ripples and circles
the longing of peace invades
my soul every moment of the day
as I remember the pond and its bridge

By Eve Jeanette Blohm, all rights reserved.


Lots of spring to report this week!  The robins and red-winged blackbirds are back.  I’m grateful the snow is not melting any faster.   There are puddles in the fields, and I love seeing them every year.  The water is reaching the edges but not overflowing onto the roads, from the view of my routes.  A few perennials are beginning to grow, near the warmth of the house.  I saw a chipmunk at the back door too this week.  Soon we will have daffodils.  Here’s one of Karl’s photos from last year that readers often view.  Blessings!