A Few Snowflakes

Yesterday we had lots of rain.  In the afternoon, I saw raindrops changing to snowflakes.  No snow on the ground–yet.

This morning I’m enjoying Coffee-Ground Breakfast Holiday Special 2011 (New Northwood’s Journal), edited by Cory Meyer, from Saint Germain, Wisconsin. “A family magazine with Poetry, Essays, Stories, Features and Ads.”

The sun is pouring in and I thought, “I don’t mind the fallen leaves.” 

The image is a sample from Traditional Chinese Embroidery Designs, courtesy of doverpublications.com.

Grateful For Everyone’s Gifts

This morning I watched our tape of One Last Thing, the PBS documentary about Steve Jobs.  www.pbs.org/programs/steve-jobs-one-last-thing

I am always interested in the human side of giftedness, and I believe we are all gifted in some way.  One great thing about blogs is the support of the community–the finding of kindred spirits who support one another.  The sheer joy of being creative.  I don’t know a lot about Steve Jobs, but his joy in creating came through the program well.  His sources of inspiration were well-honored.

The program was also a review for me of how rapidly technology has grown in our lifetimes.  Karl and I were students at UW-Madison from 1972 – 1976.  Karl had many long nights at the Computer Science Center working on assignments for classes, with the old main-frame computers. He also worked at the Space Science Center.  I was in education and also working at Pizza Hut until late at night.  Now I can barely stay up through the news, but then I see the sun rise over Lake Michigan!

The lake looks so cold today.  The waves keep rolling to shore.  For me, science requires concrete examples.  I never could understand intuitively what is happening when steam rises from the water.  Then one day, I sat with a cup of coffee steaming in the cold sunroom, and I made the connection.  Sometimes the water is warmer than the air.  So good to learn new things always.

“Steaming Coffee” courtesy of wpclipart.com.

First Frost On The Fields

first frost
on the fields
when did
the robins

late October
kale for sale
at Home Depot

wearing a second
colorful sweater
first frost on the fields

a roundabout way
and by
Tree Farm

frost glitters on the fields

placing the geraniums
in the sunroom
time to transplant

Image of Kale Lettuce is courtesy of wpclipart.com.

Bossler’s Christmas Tree Farm is here in Oostburg.  I went to the Home Depot in Kohler for new pots and organic soil for the geraniums.  Now they can live inside for a time.

Rain, Brown Rice, And Restaurants

raindrops fall
from grey skies

autumn’s colors
more restful now

brown rice
simmers on the stove


I cook with olive oil and add soy protein and vegetables.  Also enjoy our great local family restaurants in Sheboygan County.  JUDI’S PLACE opened a few weeks ago in Oostburg.  We lacked a restaurant like this, that serves breakfast too, in recent years.  We also have a Pizza Ranch. 

Karl took the photo of our last few snapdragons last weekend.