ARBORETUM University of Wisconsin – Madison

Many people are learning about and honoring native plants.  Today I am looking at the website for the UW-Madison Arboretum.

Karl and I graduated from UW-Madison in 1976.  I remember I had one course in Botany and enjoyed the field trips. 

We rode our bikes to campus year-round and lived near one of Madison’s beautiful lakes.  Then, because of work, we moved to Illinois.  There I fell in love with a pond, wetlands, and herons.  Here we are by the great Lake Michigan, which has always been a part of our lives.

Family and other things called me home to Wisconsin after many years of full-time work in education.  I stopped driving on the freeways and learned a network of country roads.  There are many perennials I love this time of year. 

We watch out for invasive plants–weeded a lot of garlic mustard from the yard a few years ago.

Acrostic for RAIN

A storm this early morning.  The power has gone off a few times for a few moments.  I can picture the peonies now and am grateful we have these photos.  The entire life cycle of a plant is beautiful.  We need the grey skies too and the rain.

R  efresh and renew
ppreciate the plants in all their stages
I   nvite new dreams as we age and life changes
ever without Hope

Walking On Water – Reflections On Faith And Art – By Madeleine L’Engle

I came across the copy of Walking On Water by Madeleine L’Engle (Harold Shaw Publishers, 1980) that I gave to my mother.  When I opened the book, I saw she had taped the note I wrote to her, many years ago, to the inside cover of the book.


Dear Mom,

I want you to have a copy of this book.

It is a favorite!  Because I was not a singer/painter/athlete, it took me a long time to learn that the expression of my form of creativity is absolutely essential to my health, wholeness, well-being.

Isn’t it interesting, the little things we do, like my mother taping the card to the book, that mean so much later on?

Madeleine’s website:

Madeleine L’Engle lived on earth from 1918 – 2007.

“Pretty Pink Rose” courtesy of

*Updated January 26, 2014.
My mother’s birthday; Enola Borgh lived on earth from 1917 – 2004.*

Old Roses

I posted this new poem on yesterday, as a comment. d.f. tweney is the editor and was a pioneer in using technology to make the world a better place with poetry.

The wild rose bush in our yard was planted by previous owners.  It must be a few decades old at least.  The photo by Karl is of this rose bush last autumn.

Just two flowers created fragrance for the house.

old roses

now in bloom

a few petals fall

from the blue vase

caught by a poem


Published by SMILE (2011).