Fall/Winter 2011 “SMILE” Arrived…

The Fall/Winter 2011 SMILE arrived today, a non-profit print journal edited and published by Joyce M. Johnson. 

The following fall poem of mine is included, about the tree outside my study. 

part-way through

a good book

half of the gold leaves

on the tree

half on the ground

Blue Skies and Books

With the weather this week, I was glad I went to Mead Public Library in Sheboygan on Monday.  Every so often I like to check their new books section, as well as the tables and shelves of special library displays.  I caught myself standing and reading a book, and then realized someone was kindly waiting to look at the books in front of me.   I laughed and apologized, and said, “So many people are here today!” 

blue skies and no wind

glistening in the sun


Snow Paintings and Perennials

February begins with a storm. Prayers for warmth and safety.

I looked out the windows a few moments ago and saw how each is its own painting, with unique patterns of snow designs in different shapes.  I also think of how wildflowers grow naturally in fields and our perennial gardens.

Isn’t it amazing to think of the flowers sleeping beneath the cold snow and how they will bloom once again?  

windblown snow

plastered on windows

snow paintings

Photos by Karl last spring.