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Tour Guide Photo Challenge


Lake Michigan
Oostburg, Wisconsin
March 29, 2014
Photo by Karl


Wisconsin State Park System
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
September 6, 2017
Ellen Grace Olinger


KohlerAndrae 012

February 21, 2010
Photos by Karl
Winter beauty


Lake Michigan
May 12, 2016
Ellen Grace Olinger

broccoli for lunch


broccoli for lunch
in bright winter sun
days grow longer


Poem from my February archives:

Spring will return
here and there
and then I’ll say,
“When did this happen?”
Today, though, I rest
in longer light
on evergreens
in a tiny bit of wind

Ellen Grace Olinger

Image: wpclipart


Language Arts

Another idea I have for a large print chapbook is a collection of my short poems for all ages about the language arts.

B eautiful way to
O pen hearts and
O pen minds to
K now new stories and
S ongs


R est
E ducate
A dmire
D ream
I nspire
N ew
G oals


reading Psalms
in the sunroom
fragrance of daffodils


writing an essay
all I deleted
to say what I mean


Ellen Grace Olinger