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Acrostic for POEM and Haiku Notes

P  onder
O  ver
E  verything I see today
M  emorize and write one moment

Since I’ve been posting for National Poetry Month, I thought I’d try an acrostic for POEM.  Every moment a gift.

* * *
I’m going to try being a part of the EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration at The Haiku Foundation, on April 17, 2015 – International Haiku Poetry Day.  The 2015 theme is LIGHT.

* * *

It is also time to begin working on my submission for the Members Anthology 2015 at the Haiku Society of America.  The theme this year is WATER and the editor is Catherine J.S. Lee.

beautiful sculpture

beautiful sculpture –
corner of an old stone wall
in a field

* * *
So many images from the small roads stay in my mind.

This past Saturday, Jessica Tremblay’s post at The Haiku Foundation featured a haiku by Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue, with her light-hearted drawing.  Her post reminded me of some of these images.  Jessica’s blog with WordPress is Old Pond Comics.

* * *
I’m just beginning to read at the United Haiku and Tanka Society (UHTS).  I hope to share a variety of posts for National Poetry Month.

Easter morning

The snowflakes yesterday were as short as the poem.  I love being able to catch the moment with a few words.  Karl and I bought holiday cookies and orange tulips at Woodlake Market in Kohler.

* * *

Through our blogs and haiku, I’ve learned so much about our world.  After I wrote yesterday, I read Maureen Sudlow’s beautiful poem, Resurrection.

Maureen writes from New Zealand, and she also is a photographer.

* * *

The Haiku Foundation posts a Per Diem poem every day, by poets from many places.

Stella Pierides manages this project, and she serves on their Board of Directors.  There is a Per Diem Archive.  Carmen Sterba edited the March 2013 collectionJudeo-Christian Traditions.  This poem of mine was included there.

reading the Psalms path to the water

* * *
I’ll be watching for a new Easter poem from Wisconsin, today or another day.  Every day I wonder what I will see.  I am grateful for the quiet winter I had, mostly at home.  Blessings, Ellen

Encouragement And Hope

June2011Flowers 012

old photos
on my desk–
bleeding hearts in bloom

This is a favorite haiku of yours, and thank you.  I was reflecting upon the haiku this morning that are reprinted on my poet page on the Haiku Registry.  This haiku was published first in Time Of Singing, Volume 21, 1994; and this poem was also selected for THF Haiku App.  I was new to haiku.  We learn in different ways.  I learn best by reading, and I tend to write spontaneously from my heart.  Yet I can see in my records how many revisions a post may go through before I feel it is ready.

The important thing is to be encouraged and to practice.  Rest as needed too.  The range in years of the poems on my Haiku Registry page is from 1994 – 2015.  There have been fallow times.  When I was not able to write this much, I checked out a wide variety of books by many authors from the library, and bought some books too.  Sometimes I’d look at the list of their books, and note the length of time sometimes between books.  Sometimes I’d look at a poem and think, “I can never write like that.”  And then a poet would share about the number of revisions for their poem, and how long it took for a certain work to be published.  Examples of authors include Madeleine L’Engle, Luci Shaw, and Barbara Crooker.

That is perhaps part of the art of teaching: the right amount of challenge, with encouragement.  Time and patience.  Like tending a garden.

Time Of Singing was founded in 1958 by Dr. Benjamin P. Browne.  Charles A. Waugaman was the editor when I began subscribing.  Lora Homan Zill has been editor since 1998.  Lora’s site is the blue collar artist.

June2011Flowers 009

The photos are by Karl (June 2011).