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Today I began

Today I began looking at books from my mother, that came to this house years ago. I have seen how artists use old books for collages. I was wondering what to do with them. And I am grateful that I waited. I see her name and her handwriting before she and my father married, and then when they were young, and before I was born.

I guess I am ready now.

early morning
and wondering
how best to work
Karl calls to me –
first robin in the yard

Books by Carol Purington

There is information about Carol’s new book, Farm Song, at Woodslawn Farm “A Seventh Generation Family Farm in Colrain, Massachusetts.” You can also learn more about her books at her Poetry page. Her family links to her page on Amazon and provides more information.

Morning Song Poems for New Parents, Edited by Susan Todd and Carol Purington, was published in 2011 by St. Martin’s Press / Macmillan, in New York.

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Creative Note in Memory: Carol Purington (1949 – 2020)

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The Midwest

I have written about always living in the Midwest. Yet places vary, cities and towns. There have been many adjustments and “new learning curves” over decades. I am grateful.

These are a few poems from my archives.

no longer
a stranger
the joy of being able
to share long stories
of this area

home from Sheboygan
grateful for the same roads
this long

five roads
from this corner
now I know
my way home
on them all

Haiku Lesson Note:

Our Haiku Reading Plan for Grades 5 – 6 at The Haiku Foundation features haiku from the Midwest. The Goal for this plan is “To show beginning comprehension of haiku by a variety of poets; along with beginning to discover haiku history through examples of poems.”

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park
Oostburg, Wisconsin – July 6, 2019
Photo by Karl