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new library books

new library books
and wandering home
on all the roads
fields, spring air, sky
first red-winged blackbird

My post earlier today, Silence and Music, recalled another day and poem.

“new library books” is from March 2012.

Ellen Grace Olinger


two poems and photos

gardens in winter
the serene snowfall
and remembering
where snowdrops
will bloom

a new sunrise
by God’s grace
many second chances
in this long lovely
life of faith

Ellen Grace Olinger, from my archives

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Acrostic Poems for the Seasons

A dore with no need for a moment to
U nderstand this beauty
T rust and
U nderline with words, painting, photo . . . this
M oment
N ow and always


W  onderful time of
I  nspiration and
N  ew books
T  o
E  njoy
R  eading


S  pring
P  romises
R  enewal
I  nspiration and
N  ew
G  rowth


S  eason of
U  plifting
M  usings and
M  emories
E  ternally
R  eal


Ellen Grace Olinger

grey Sunday

grey Sunday
with icicles
by my study window

sounds of Lake Michigan

will this winter cause
some frozen silence
along the beach?

years vary and I remember
the first sounds of rain in spring
early in our time here
after a long winter

colors stay through the year
in many ways

paintings from thrift stores
and dishes with bright colors
work well together
though none of them match

Ellen Grace Olinger


tree farm
young trees grow
alongside the old


sun reaches trees
also old pine wood
in the house


This poem is from May 13, 2013:

nothing could be
more beautiful
than the trees
and their new leaves
except for when
they are in full
summer green
and then turn
their autumn colors
and then are their
wise winter selves
waiting for spring


The pear tree is courtesy of Reusable Art.

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.