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Veterans Park

Oostburg, Wisconsin
August 21, 2019
Photos by Karl

Karl took photos by the small creek at the park. This is a poem I wrote on March 23, 2019.

snow melt in town
some piles of snow
in the park
creek running clear
and can see the stones
at the bottom
blue sky background
for the trees

Karl took this photo on March 31, 2019.

Ellen Grace Olinger


Through our blogs, I learn so much more about the seasons around the world. For example, please see recent posts at kiwissoars flights of fancy from New Zealand, by Maureen Sudlow, for Autumn poems and photos.

Here are a few of our Autumn photos. Karl recently completed our tree work, and I helped with the Spring yard work yesterday – just picked up many pine cones. Wonderful to work outside, and sit in a chair too. The daffodils are in bloom here.

Photo by Karl – October 2018

Karl took this photo of Lake Michigan last November.

And I took this photo of our old cedar garage last December.

Daffodils – May 2016

I view so many wonderful posts every day – THANK YOU

Ellen Grace Olinger

Spring Poems and Photos

all the more yellow
because of grey skies

May 2011

by grace we try
to keep a promise
finish a project
monarch butterflies
back in Wisconsin

May 2012

in early May
tiny bird sings
on the branch
of budding lilacs

May 2012

sharing our stories
lilies of the valley
grow from one
garden to

May 2013

Spring’s steady pace . . .
warmth of daffodils
in Sheboygan

May 2014

daffodils bowed by rain

May 2015

New peonies, daylilies, and forysthia by the driveway – May 2016

Forget-me-nots – May 2017

and now
many gifts
to see and offer
with grace
a new Spring

Ellen Grace Olinger

Spring Notes

We went for a walk in the neighborhood. Marsh Marigolds are just beginning to bloom – tiny yellow flower buds in an area with water. The air is so fresh, and we heard frogs singing.

We have many memories of neighbors from the generation older than us, who live in other places now. I especially remember their kindness when I was new here. Thank you.

Primroses – May 2010

Bleeding Hearts – June 2011

Photos by Karl