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Rain Photos

Daylilies – Photo by Karl, July 2011

Hosta – August 2016

Karl’s kayak by the house – August 2016

Wood path – October 2016

Ellen Grace Olinger

early Spring

early Spring
in the yard
near the house
daylilies begin

to grow

And in the summer, we will need to clear the path to the door, and so will have daylilies in the house too.

July 2016

Ellen Grace Olinger

Lake Michigan Today

As you can see, the ice is breaking up in the water. I asked Karl to take photos for the blog.

Lake Michigan
Oostburg, Wisconsin
March 17, 2019

March Reflections


the month begins
with Winter
and ends
with early Spring

the poinsettia
is still beautiful
and I think about
Easter lilies

longer days
of light and reading
new and old books
by a window

of icicles
on the calendar
and wall

Photos are by Karl. The poinsettia photo is from Christmas Day, 2018. The lily photo is from April, 2010.

Ellen Grace Olinger