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More Primroses


primroses growing
from garden to lawn
deep decades of roots
strengthen my faith
for new dreams

(Published in SMILE, 2012)

opening the door
to shake the dust
off the mop
first primroses

(Cara Holman included a link back to an earlier post with this poem, as a part of her Poem in Your Pocket Day Celebration, April 26, 2012.  Cara’s site is Prose Posies.)

rich colors
of primroses
were those
their prayers
I overhead?

(Older poem, revised today)

June2011Flowers 004

Photos by Karl and poems by Ellen

signs of growth


Daylilies, May 2012

one minute a feeling of accomplishment
and then a feeling of being in first grade again

or perhaps a little older

beginning again at the same place
where something needed to be set aside

for a time

Looking back, I took a few photos for the blog a few years ago as well.  This past Monday, I had returned home from a dentist appointment, and I should be fine until the next check-up in six months.  The rain had made the air so fresh, and the garden was so lovely.

Simple joys and gratitude.  The gardens mostly take care of themselves now. 

This is a favorite poem from my archives:

reading . . . rereading
poetry in many forms
all the perennials

Snow-on-the-mountain, May 2012

Poems and photos by Ellen Grace Olinger

Monday errands


Today I saw fields with ice and puddles, and some snow.  Also a few geese.  I got my hair cut at Great Clips and then went to Target; both places in Kohler.  Then to Subway in Sheboygan and Piggly Wiggly.  Many people were shopping, and many of us older.  Good to have clear roads and sunshine.  My winter coat felt a little warm in the car.  So happy to see my favorite roads.

routine errands
never routine
country roads

(haiku from my archives)

The photo of the Canadian goose is courtesy of wpclipart.



I saw some beautiful pictures with blue in my Reader this morning.

For example:

blue door by Sharon at Sunearthsky, Visual meditations from the Midwest

Still Life.1 by Charley at Vector Charley, All travel is local

* * *

The photos by Karl are favorites.  We’ll include some Lake Michigan photos in the Easter and Spring book.  I am not worried about any deadline for the print book, but my goal is to have an online version ready to share Easter weekend.  Each week, I see a little more of the book in my mind.  Have made several notes.

all winter
flowers rested
in the earth
beauty begins
in the heart

June2011Flowers 014

winter silence

winter silence
and bright new light
icebergs along the shore

from this view
icebergs half-way
to the horizon
no sound of waves
on this great lake

Poems written today and a few more spring photos by Karl from the archives.  My Easter book is growing to also be a spring book, with lots of colors.  I’m not sure of all the details so far, and will take my time and let the book grow as it wishes.  In some way, I’ll have the book available for free online, and also as a large print chapbook; similar to how we worked with Quiet Christmas Poetry.


Karl took this photo of Lake Michigan on March 29, 2014.

May2011Flowers 027

These are daffodils I planted in memory of my great-Aunt Mercedes, many years ago.  She lived to be almost 100.