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Four Haiku For The Four Seasons

Here’s the second Post in the series begun on October 13, 2010.   Photos by Karl and poems by me.

frost soon–

cutting flowers


new poems

in older age

winter wheat

gulls lifting

from the sand

corn an inch tall

home from the city

the beautiful city

stars my skyline

for Milwaukee on a late summer night


“frost soon” —published in The TOP, The Tournament of Poetry, in 1995.  This is the first haiku I can remember writing.   I lost touch with this publication a long time ago, but am grateful to have been included.

“new poems”–I shared this poem with penpals last year and on this blog last December.  The feedback I received encouraged me to focus more on my own writing again.

“gulls lifting”–Published in SMILE (2009, 2010) and Bell’s Letters Poet (2010).   These two print journals included features common to blogs before I had ever heard the word “blog.”   A variety of poems, by well-known poets and beginners alike, with a feeling of fellowship and conversation.

I always feel like I am just beginning.  Thank you.

Four Photos: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer

This blog began in December 2009.   As we look forward to our first year anniversary, I’m planning some new Posts which will celebrate the four seasons by reprinting a previous Post for each season in one new Post, according to a common theme.  Regular Posts will continue as well.

Here is a selection of Karl’s photos from Oostburg.  I’ll include more with special Posts of poems too.  

a simple day

Today I went to Hobby Lobby in Sheboygan to buy a few frames for art by friends.  I also found 365 One-Minute Meditations: My Utmost for His Highest, From the Powerful, Updated Devotional by Oswald Chambers (Barbour Publishing, Inc., 2008).

I came to know Oswald Chambers through Jan Karon’s books.  She has a new novel, In the Company of Others, due out on October 19.

Then Karl and I went to the Pizza Ranch in Oostburg for a good lunch.  We had a good summer.  I saw more people from all the chapters in my life than I often do in an entire year.


for the special days

grateful for today.


Update, July 2014:  I read that Jan Karon is publishing a new Mitford Book on September 2, 2014.