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Trees: Short Poems

as beautiful
without leaves
birch trees
in the forest

day began early
and winding down
light catches the end
of an evergreen branch
in a light breeze

wind uplifting
branches of trees

weathered trees
strong and beautiful
my time of healing

paintings of trees
on old pine walls
quiet music

reading a new book
the fragrance
of fresh paper

dragonfly rests
for a moment
on the tree branch
long enough for me
to see each wing

100_2216 (2)

New hosta by the birch tree – May 2015

Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo Challenge: Weathered

Weathered – The perennials are beautiful as they grow again each year, bloom, and also as they change.

Daylillies 003

Daylilies – photo by Karl July 2011


This was the last lily, August 2015.

each flower
a star for a time


So many daylilies, we need to clear the path, which means enough for a bouquet.  This photo is from July 2016.


This is a photo from August 2017, with a few hosta flowers and leaves, and daylily leaves.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Christmas Day

Christmas Day quiet morning, and time to look at photos from 2017.  Thank you for your encouragement, and also thank you to The Daily Post for the Prompts and Challenges.  As I created this post, I saw that the current challenge is 2017 Favorites.


Lake Michigan – April 2017

100_8047 (2)

Garden journal – May 2017

100_8498 (2)

Garden journal – Wildflowers
Photo by Karl – June 2017


Lake Michigan – July 2017

100_8962 (2)

Garden journal – August 2017


Garden journal – October 2017


Our Thanksgiving plant from Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly in Oostburg, Wisconsin is still lovely.  This photo is from November 2017.

A gallery:

Ellen Grace Olinger