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Snow Paintings and Perennials

February begins with a storm. Prayers for warmth and safety.

I looked out the windows a few moments ago and saw how each is its own painting, with unique patterns of snow designs in different shapes.  I also think of how wildflowers grow naturally in fields and our perennial gardens.

Isn’t it amazing to think of the flowers sleeping beneath the cold snow and how they will bloom once again?  

windblown snow

plastered on windows

snow paintings

Photos by Karl last spring.

SNOW BEAUTY by Eve Jeanette Blohm


Snow falls silently
on the streets of New York City

It has no rhythm,
meter, rhyme, alliteration

The courtyard
has a white gown
of snow on the ground
trees and ledges

the rocks and hills
of Central Park
are sleeping now
as the harsh winds blow

By Eve Jeanette Blohm

Published with her permission. 

Psalm 71 “I Will Hope Continually”

Today the sky and snow are the same color.  Lake Michigan beyond the sand and icebergs is a soft grey-blue.   I looked up while reading the Psalms and saw that the icicles are melting.  

Other days, there’s the rose in the sky at sunrise and sunset.  We think of the red and green of Christmas, yet there are many colors of winter.   Nature is always changing.

Such a gentle winter palette, which balances the harsh weather in our experience of this season.   There is much to observe always.  

…I will hope continually,

and will yet praise thee

more and more.

Psalm 71: 14 (KJV)

“Two pink-white flowers”
courtesy of

Veterans Day

Today I honor my father and others in my family and I’m sure in the lives of readers.  Dad served in World War II, earned his Ph.D, and then taught History for 32 years.   Dr. Harold Borgh was kind and dedicated.  I am inspired to learn more about history, as I remember him. Earlier this fall, I wrote a post in memory of my cousin, Paul F. Brandt, who died in 2006.  Paul was a Vietnam veteran.  My father wrote him letters faithfully.   Paul is honored in Wisconsin for his work in conservation.