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Haiku For Mother’s Day

 blue skies and
willows turning gold
Mother’s Day

 My mom didn’t drive, but she enjoyed taking the bus to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to teach her English classes.  I have many memories of driving us different places, over the years.  She especially loved the willows in Spring.  One of her favorite lines of poetry was Robert Frost’s, “Nature’s first green is gold…”

She often quoted poetry and lines from favorite novels. 

And the willows are turning gold once again in Wisconsin.

Unconditional love, God’s love, outlasts death and grief: no contest. 

Mom loved Lake Michigan too.  Milwaukee, Chicago, here in Oostburg, this Great Lake is a part of our lives.

Photo by Karl.


after the storm…
glistening lake-waves
branches coated with ice
and a crow cawing

after the storm
driftwood washes to shore
from other places…
what we let go
what we keep

for my father

Harold A. Borgh, Ph.D (1915 – 1983)

Three Spring Tanka By Carol Purington

Pink tulips
and a book of new poems
afternoon tea
from face to face
the prism’s iridescence


and I seek a new way
to the quiet place
where the disciples followed
Jesus into prayer


After much rain
the sun remembers to enter
my morning room–
how soft-shadowed
the dream that woke me smiling

Tanka by Carol Purington, all rights reserved. 

Morning Song: Poems for New Parents, a poetry anthology edited by Susan Todd and Carol Purington, will be published on 4/26/2011, by St. Martin’s Press.

Isaiah 40 Wings As Eagles

This morning an eagle flew by the window in this little room.  What a gift.  I will also be listening for the song of the red-wings. Many other songs yet to learn!

“…they that wait upon the LORD
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk, and not faint.”

Isaiah 40: 31 (KJV)

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