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There Are Days

there are days
to try harder
do one more thing
and other days
to stay the same
or do one less thing
not get too tired
to do anything
and then rest well

(I have learned more
how to balance
this new path I walk
as I am older)

and there are days
to read a new author
or book and days
to reread a favorite
poem a few times
often aloud to hear
the words and the blessings
of something familiar

like a lullaby

Ellen Grace Olinger

more hours of light

more hours of light
this time in May

I look up often
from the page
I am reading

yes, this window now
the shape of light
on the wall

and later another way
as the day begins to end
the night –
and then predawn

and watching again

An old poem:

and watching
the sky grow light
gift of another day
to read and write

Ellen Grace Olinger

they can return

they can return
in new and different ways
some of the things
thought lost

my mother and I were
closer in her old age
though we always loved
language and books

a past illness led to me
simply sitting with her
for hours as that was
something I could do

the trust that grows
though decades
of unconditional love

now sometimes
these many years
since her passing
I remember what she said
and the advice still applies

Ellen Grace Olinger

Age and Place

where one person may see
an empty building
I see the store that
was there before and
where I shopped
for my mother

the road may look grey
with rain today yet
I remember this road
on all kinds of days
over many years
and seasons

bookstores may have closed
yet shelves of books
to look at and perhaps buy
exist in different places
thrift stores and other stores
library discards too

one step at a time
a new life can grow
and sometimes later
we may realize that
we are more at home
than ever before

Ellen Grace Olinger

evergreen branches

evergreen branches
dance in the wind

light on forsythia
by the old garage

daffodils and tulips
bloom in Sheboygan

and some here too
Wisconsin Spring

Ellen Grace Olinger

fresh water

fresh water
for the lily
Good Friday

I waited patiently for the Lord;
and he inclined unto me,
and heard my cry.

Psalm 40: 1 (KJV)

Ellen Grace Olinger