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2020 Review

I am beginning to review my 2020 Stats.

Acrostic Poem For READING continues to be the most viewed post, after Home page/Archives.

The Reading acrostic post is from April 16, 2010. And I have reprinted the poem over the years.

Readers are from more places than I can name here. I am so grateful to all.

If one person enjoys a post, or a few, or many – how wonderful. I cannot comprehend, and simply say “thank you.”

I also am grateful for the free photo library. I choose the photo that I think works best for a post. Sometimes the artist has many followers, and sometimes an artist is just beginning to publish.

I love how there is room for everyone, and always room for one more, with blogs. I practice here – a place for me to learn one day at a time.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Creative Notes

Large Print Poems is growing well. I am reprinting acrostic poems, haiku, tanka, and other poems.

At Poems From Psalms And Nature, I am working on an index page (not published yet) for the Psalms series this year. For now, I highlighted the months for the series, from the Archives, in one post. Creative Update: Our 2020 series from The Psalms.

The colors today are beautiful and interesting. Blue-grey sky and brilliant early morning sun, trees, perennials in fall, and bright orange pumpkins.

grey day

grey day
colors of books go well
with art on the walls

reading books
and also how they
were created
cover art and design
sequence of poems

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Creative Writing

My routine is simple and consistent.

silence for a time

morning work
some news

read and rest
the same views
offer beauty

art on the walls
from thrift stores
and friends

read many poets
hear many voices
their worlds

perhaps write a poem

One of the best ways to learn how to write is to read.

I have read many methods books and common advice is to create a routine. A lot can get done, in small spaces – place and time – over time.

And a Creative Note: Last month, I began Large Print Poems. I am reprinting some of my acrostic poems, haiku, tanka, and other poems.


Ellen Grace Olinger