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Saturday Sunrise with Hyacinths

 Twenty Degrees

saw the sun
for a moment

now behind
blue-grey clouds
same color
as the water

Lake Michigan calm

a few
birds migrating


with the sun…

furnace turns on

fragrance of small


stirs the air

with promise of


Hyacinths  courtesy of

A Wounded Fox

 Soon the sun will rise. 

I love the seasons wherever I am…as I type in the morning, I watch the light change over Lake Michigan.   At this moment, the lake is very still.  A few ripples.   There are icebergs and a ribbon of rose along the horizon.

On Sunday, a wounded fox came to a sunny spot in our front yard, right in front of the house, to rest and heal.   He or she seemed unafraid and not in pain.  When we came home a few hours later, the fox was gone.  I am honored that we were a safe place for a time.

Lake Michigan has always been a part of my life.  My parents took us to feed the ducks there in Milwaukee when we were young.  When Karl and I lived in Illinois, we drove to Chicago to walk the beach there.  Here every season, we usually go for a drive further north to see other views of the lake.   I cooked and waitressed at Pizza Hut when we were students  at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  So sometimes we pick a Pizza Hut in a northern city for our destination.  

We like our “tried and true” routines.   We know what a blessing from God they are and not to be taken for granted.  

Deeper Places – The Beginning Of This Blog

I want to live
in the deeper places
where flowers
always get to bloom
at their appointed time
and are loved as much
weathered and dormant
and covered with snow
I want to live
in the deeper places
where loss is felt
tears are cried and
night becomes a friend
and then loss
dies too
new life arrives again
Oh, I want to live
in the deeper places
Published in Time of Singing (2003); Bell’s Letters (2004);
The Discerning Poet (2004); Blogging Along Tobacco Road (2009);
Bell’s Letters (2009).
The Raymond Flory Explorer Award (2010).   The Eve Jeanette Blohm Award (2010).   Both awards through Bell’s Letters Poet.
Photo credit:  Karl Olinger