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The Weather

The weather changed towards fall faster this year.  We imagine the effects of the polar vortex are continuing.  I am not a “science person,” and sometimes I ask for Karl’s help when responding to questions in comments!  That is good.  Keeps me learning.

There may well be some warmer days ahead.  Always beautiful.

early fall
one seagull
on the piling
in higher waters
of Lake Michigan

gentle rains

gentle rains
and contemplation
water reaches
the beach grasses

* * *

Lake Michigan levels have risen because of the cold winter, and the ice cover reducing evaporation.  Then we had a cool spring with lots of rain.

Sunday blessings

PoppiesPeonies 003

Another day of fog and cool weather by Lake Michigan.  It was very cold this winter, and it will take time for the lake to be warm.  Our beautiful Great Lakes!


One day recently, Karl saw many pelicans flying over the lake.  Then I saw them too.  That was an amazing gift.

Some of our poppies bloomed this week.  Georgia O’Keeffe  painted the poppies and many flowers so well.  I wrote a Poem For Georgia O’Keeffe some time ago.

The picture of the pelican is courtesy of wpclipart.  Karl took the photos of the poppies in 2011.

PoppiesPeonies 001


Found Art – Photo By Susan Firer

I hadn’t thought of Found Art for a long time–not until receiving Susan Firer’s photos this week, in response to an email from me, inviting her to send them.

We heard Susan and several other poets read at the Milwaukee Public Library two Springs ago.  Susan was Milwaukee’s Poet Laureate then and I received her book, Milwaukee Does Strange Things to People, as a birthday gift. * She kindly responded when I wrote to her about my mother having taught in the same English Dept. at UWM.   We also received a lovely card from Mom’s former Dept. when she passed away in 2004; Mom retired in 1984.



Found Art.

*This book by Susan was published by The Backwaters Press (2007).

Please visit Susan Firer’s website for more information.


Post updated on August 8, 2015.

Saturday Sunrise with Hyacinths

 Twenty Degrees

saw the sun
for a moment

now behind
blue-grey clouds
same color
as the water

Lake Michigan calm

a few
birds migrating


with the sun…

furnace turns on

fragrance of small


stirs the air

with promise of


Hyacinths  courtesy of

A Wounded Fox

 Soon the sun will rise. 

I love the seasons wherever I am…as I type in the morning, I watch the light change over Lake Michigan.   At this moment, the lake is very still.  A few ripples.   There are icebergs and a ribbon of rose along the horizon.

On Sunday, a wounded fox came to a sunny spot in our front yard, right in front of the house, to rest and heal.   He or she seemed unafraid and not in pain.  When we came home a few hours later, the fox was gone.  I am honored that we were a safe place for a time.

Lake Michigan has always been a part of my life.  My parents took us to feed the ducks there in Milwaukee when we were young.  When Karl and I lived in Illinois, we drove to Chicago to walk the beach there.  Here every season, we usually go for a drive further north to see other views of the lake.   I cooked and waitressed at Pizza Hut when we were students  at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  So sometimes we pick a Pizza Hut in a northern city for our destination.  

We like our “tried and true” routines.   We know what a blessing from God they are and not to be taken for granted.