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Carol Purington “FAMILY FARM Haiku for a Place of Moons”

Holy Week
The white tulip opens
to a crimson heart


Shaping the dough
into a loaf of bread
Maundy Thursday


Good Friday
. . . moving into the chill
of the tree’s shadow


Early tulip –
in its scarlet cup
the surprise of black


At sunrise
the shine of the church steeple
Resurrection Day


Easter lily
The challenge of His risen life
overflows the sanctuary


Carol Purington lives on a dairy farm in Western Massachusetts.  For three decades she has been exploring Japanese verse forms, including haiku and tanka. She has self-published several books, including Family Farm, a collection of haiku about her home.

Illustrations by Shirley L. Horn. Winfred Press.

Ion Codrescu Haiga #20


By Ion Codrescu.  Haiga #20.   Published with his permission. 

From his gallery on the North Carolina Haiku Society website.

Ion’s new book, WAITING IN SILENCE,  is available at Red Moon Press.  A beautiful book, written in English and Dutch, with haiga paintings.

Haiga by Ion Codrescu: Cold Day

Ion Codrescu is an artist in Romania.  He toured the USA in 1996. His above sumi-e and haiku are published here with his permission.

A gallery of his fine work is available for your viewing  on-line at the North Carolina Haiku Society website.