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repotted plant
seems settled now
new leaves growing

February 2012

Ellen Grace Olinger

Colors of Blue

I looked out the window at the blue sky and then around my little study room, with the blue file cabinets and chair. And I thought of my poems with blue themes. Here are three poems.

truly so blue
trustworthy friends

more colors of blue
in Lake Michigan today
than I can name
the wonder of always learning
dreaming new dreams

hard years show
I let them show
growing anew

We enjoy our blue vase, which goes well with many colors.

Photo by Karl, 2018

beautiful sculpture

beautiful sculpture –
corner of an old stone wall
in a field

Spring 2015

When I began learning this area, I saw many old structures. The wood and stone of old buildings and barns, and new growth each year, are interesting and beautiful. Weathered paint. In recent years, we have seen many new steel roofs.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Poems for the New Year

preparing a meal
of fresh vegetables
New Year’s Eve

ice floating
in rose-colored water
some days
feeling old
some young

New Year’s Eve
nearing the end
of a book
with many more
to read

… I will hope continually,
and will yet praise thee
more and more.

Psalm 71: 14 (KJV)

in golden light

shades of green and red
new year begins
with blessings
of fresh vegetables

turning the vase
of flowers
there are
more roses

(Published in Bell’s Letters Poet)

Ellen Grace Olinger

new bridge old road

Charlotte Digregorio published this poem for the Daily Haiku: November 8, 2018. It was her good idea to create a senryu from one of my tanka.

I will share both poems in this post, so you can read both versions. The poems go well with the new year soon, and the themes of my blog.

driving across
a new bridge
on an old road

Daily Haiku: November 8, 2018

driving across
a new bridge
on an old road
the miracles of
everyday life

Charlotte wrote Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All. You can learn more at her site.

Ellen Grace Olinger