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light falls


light falls
through yellow maple leaves
the mercy of God

Published in Full of Moonlight: Haiku Society of America 2016 Members’ Anthology, edited by David Grayson.

The Haiku Society of America is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.


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sunrise . . .
fresh water today
for the carnations

May 20, 2017

Poems from my archives:

pink clouds
span the horizon
seagulls take flight
stretching to read
new books


clouds and yet
enough light
to fill a jam jar
with the last
of the carnations


morning prayer
water birds flying north
stay close to water


“morning prayer”
Published first in SMILE (2010), edited by Joyce M. Johnson.  This large print journal is no longer in print.  I subscribed for several years.
Take-out Window:  Haiku Society of America 2014 Members’ Anthology, edited by Gary Hotham.

Ellen Grace Olinger

snow on snowdrops

Today a little snow falls outside my Wisconsin window.   In addition to the snowdrops, I saw this week that tiny daylily plants are just beginning to grow.  Birds sing in the yard.


I recall this poem:

Wisconsin spring
sandhill cranes
in a field of snow

Published in This World: Haiku Society of America 2013 Members’ Anthology, edited by Carolyn Coit Dancy.  More information about the members’ anthologies may be read here.


This is a post from March 23, 2015, Fields And Trees:

Karl and I noticed that some people in the area are beginning to tap their maple trees.  We also noticed how the fields vary.  We’ve seen some fields plowed in the fall, with large chunks of soil ready to be turned over as the fields are prepared for spring planting.  In other fields, there are dried cornstalks and corn stubble.  And in others, the corn stubble has been cut to the earth.  The seagulls fly to the fields when they are plowed, and I’ve seen them in fields other times too.

cold winds in March –
each month has
its own character