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Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The Dover Design Sampler email this week features Valentine’s Day books.  This classic sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is from Great Love Poems ( 

When I became interested in poetry, my mother began buying me classic works.  A book of sonnets by E.B. Browning, a book by Yeats, anthologies, and other books. Treasures. 

As many of you know, I am most comfortable with haiku and tanka.  I also believe in reading widely.  In the short forms, every word must especially “work” in the poemSometimes, after reading longer poems, I find I have just the right word in my mind for a haiku.  I have to keep “filling the well.”   If I feel I can’t write, reading and rest are the way back for me.

Perennials And Prayers

Lord, I am older now.  Many times You asked me to start over.  So I did not rise in the world as others expected.  Many people in my life do not understand this, but I don’t mind anymore.  Still I wonder sometimes how many poems I can write, if I should collect posts from here and create another book.  If I can.

My child, at whatever age you are, for how many decades have the perennials in your yard bloomed?  They were waiting for you when I brought you here.  I don’t ask them to bloom all the time.  Let your work be more like them now.  Rest.  Be at peace with the seasons.  The gardens are never the same way twice, even though the same flowers bloom.  I have a plan, and the soil is love.

Photos of snowdrops and primroses by Karl.