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Two Photos: Different Ideas

Original photo by Karl

Original photo by Ellen

It is interesting how photos may be edited to highlight different aspects of the photos. The flowers, the vases and presentation, and light in the room are all part of the images.

Creative and Music Notes

Winter so far is not as severe as some years, though yesterday was a grey and cold day. We walked around Veterans Park in town, stopped at Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly, and then enjoyed a simple lunch at home.

In the afternoon,
I listened to It’s About Love,
a beautiful CD by Karen Marie Garrett
“Award-Winning Pianist and Composer.”
I ordered the CD from Karen Marie Garrett’s store.

And I learned of Karen’s art from Pandora, and then bought a CD from Amazon. So all seems to work together. So wonderful that there are so many ways to share our creative work. On Sunday, I bought two books at Goodwill in Sheboygan. I looked at every book shelf, and perhaps other areas of the store next time!

Last week, I received a letter to remind me to schedule a follow-up medical appointment, and I called on Monday. Grateful for the care.

We bought tulips at Walmart.
These pictures are courtesy of wpclipart.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Music Notes

In the past, I’ve written “Creative Notes.” I thought I’d write short posts here and there about artists I’ve heard on Pandora, and then bought a few of their CDs. I don’t read music or sing or play an instrument. These are simply artists whose work is blessing me these days.

A few of the CDs I am listening to are: Perspective by Helen Jane Long, Piano and Night by Brian Crain, and It’s About the Rose by Karen Marie Garrett. I ponder some of the choices of titles for compositions. They seem so right for the pieces. And I like looking at the CD art and how it is designed.

Ellen Grace Olinger