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“What God Gives: Prayers from Africa” Marcia Whitney-Schenck, Editor and Photographer

Although we have not yet met in person, I know the quality of Marcia Whitney-Schenck’s work well.  Marcia began and published Christianity and the Arts from 1993-2001.   We stay in touch here and there.  She sent me beautiful handmade cards, which I saved, after my mother was called Home in 2004.

Marcia’s new book is What God Gives: Prayers from Africa.  Marcia Whitney-Schenck, Editor and Photographer (2010, Christianity and the Arts Press).

Marcia and her husband, Dr. Robert Schenck, were in Africa for nine months in 2008-2009.  Marcia’s website is:

PAINTINGS BY MARGARET L. BEEN: Irish Hills, Autumn Creeps In, My Poignant River, Honest Essentials, and A Cup of Cold Water


 Irish Hills 


Autumn Creeps In


My Poignant River


Honest Essentials



A Cup of Cold Water 


All paintings by Margaret L. Been.
All rights reserved.
Published here with Margaret’s generous permission.

From her Posts and Paintings and Poems gallery
on her blog, Northern Reflections.

The Fields Of Corn…”I Will Sing Unto The Lord” (Psalm 104)

 The corn is tall in the fields.
  The rows are beautiful.

The air is gentle.

Yesterday a squirrel
harvested many pine cones.

Sometimes in our creative chapters
we are aware of change.  Things go
in different directions, but by God’s grace
work out for the best in time.

I think this is another kind of Found Art.

Always hope.
New dreams.

I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.

Psalm 104: 33 (KJV)

Translations of the Psalms

This morning I finished reading The Complete Psalms: the book of prayer songs in a new translation…and then I began again with Psalm I.   This beautiful and scholarly translation is by Pamela Greenberg.  The Foreward is by Susannah Heschel.  Published this year by Bloomsbury USA, New York.  I found this book at the Next Chapter Bookshop in Mequon, Wisconsin–a wonderful independent bookstore.

I began reading the Psalms, often aloud, in many different translations about 15 years ago.   I read in a King James Version from Dover Publications, the Contemporary English Version from the American Bible Society, and other translations.   I read from the Psalms to my mother on what turned out to be her last full day on earth. 

It’s the combination of honesty, language, and trust in God that draws me back again and again.  Usually daily, if only for a short time.  

Learning to live one day at a time…

The LORD is my shepherd…”

(From Psalm 23:1, KJV, Public Domain).

Presents of Mind: Haiku and Illustrations by Jim Kacian. Bilingual edition (2006): English and Japanese.

Today I am pleased to share a few excerpts from Presents of Mind, by Jim Kacian (Red Moon Press).

Haiku is composed of language.
It cannot be composed of silence.
But unlike most language,
haiku does not attempt to oppose silence.
It attempts to point to silence.
Haiku can set into motion
oscillations in the silence between us.
In this way haiku can be poised
between language and silence.
In this way it can suggest
the centrality of silence.
Where silence is shared,
we are all present. 
Reprinted with kind permission from Jim Kacian.
Presents of Mind (2006)
Red Moon Press

Jim Kacian is Founder and Director of The Haiku Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to archiving of the achievements of our first century of English-language haiku, and creating opportunities for our second; creator and owner of Red Moon Press, the largest and most prestigious publishing house dedicated to English-language haiku in the world; and the author of 15 books of haiku and related works.

The Wikipedia article about Jim Kacian includes additional information.

Post updated on July 8, 2015.