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Two Photos: Different Ideas

Original photo by Karl

Original photo by Ellen

It is interesting how photos may be edited to highlight different aspects of the photos. The flowers, the vases and presentation, and light in the room are all part of the images.

Creative and Music Notes

Winter so far is not as severe as some years, though yesterday was a grey and cold day. We walked around Veterans Park in town, stopped at Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly, and then enjoyed a simple lunch at home.

In the afternoon,
I listened to It’s About Love,
a beautiful CD by Karen Marie Garrett
“Award-Winning Pianist and Composer.”
I ordered the CD from Karen Marie Garrett’s store.

And I learned of Karen’s art from Pandora, and then bought a CD from Amazon. So all seems to work together. So wonderful that there are so many ways to share our creative work. On Sunday, I bought two books at Goodwill in Sheboygan. I looked at every book shelf, and perhaps other areas of the store next time!

Last week, I received a letter to remind me to schedule a follow-up medical appointment, and I called on Monday. Grateful for the care.

We bought tulips at Walmart.
These pictures are courtesy of wpclipart.

Ellen Grace Olinger

tree branches

tree branches
and grey-white sky
a bowl of soup
and giving thanks

list of things to do
but not this moment

from November 2014
Ellen Grace Olinger

The images are courtesy of The Dover Design Sampler. They are samples from Repeatable Backgrounds – Wood, Brick, Tile and Stone Textures.

new library books

new library books
and wandering home
on all the roads
fields, spring air, sky
first red-winged blackbird

My post earlier today, Silence and Music, recalled another day and poem.

“new library books” is from March 2012.

Ellen Grace Olinger


Silence and Music

Silence: I hear the wind, water, and the life of the seasons. Sound of a snow shovel, people mowing lawns in summer, tree work in the neighborhood, and the music young people are playing these days.

of summers gone by
voices on the breeze

Music: Good to honor all who have inspired me and helped me through the day. This winter I am listening to CDs I have not heard for a time. So many wonderful artists and genres of music. As I type, I think of Amy Grant – original songs, Christmas songs, hymns. I have also listened to Emmylou Harris a lot over the years.

I remember driving to my mother’s home and hearing the voices of Celine Dion and Josh Groban on the radio. When I hear certain songs now, I can picture where I was on my route. I bought a few CDs.

Not possible now for me to ever really comprehend all that artists and authors achieve. Or read every blog post, however worthy. So I enjoy listening, viewing, and reading what I can. All works together in the long-run. Thank you for your visits, according to your schedules.

These past years, I like silence when I drive. In the spring, along a country road, I may hear the red-wings sing before I see them.

Creative chapters vary, as life changes. Sometimes I think a chapter is over, and then the work returns in a new way. Something was happening as I took time away to rest, reflect, renew. Always more to learn.


Ellen Grace Olinger