Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place

Ellen Grace Olinger – December 13, 2016

Place – I have always lived in the Midwest USA.  We are more North from where I grew up and other places we lived for a time.

When I am in the Milwaukee area, I have a good sense of being in familiar surroundings.

Then when I reach “North” again, I have a sense of being home in my soul.  Others reading this are further North.  I also love the sense of seasons in other places of the world, through our blogs.  This is a special gift.

I enjoy errands in our area and driving home on country roads.


five roads
from this corner
now I know
my way home
on them all


There are also blessings that transcend a specific place for me.

the same poems
for the rest of my life
stars and tree branches
another sunrise


It can take time to learn a new place.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Update, December 31, 2016 – Thank you to Julie Warther for mentioning this post as part of the news from the Midwest Region at the Haiku Society of America.

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