falling leaves


The blue tarp on Karl’s trailer serves as a background for this natural arrangement.


Our Christmas tree from Home Depot is still happy outside.  We pruned old branches this summer.  We did not plant it in the ground, because the tree is from the South and our winters would be too cold.


The birch tree is near the cotoneaster.

Ellen Grace Olinger
October 6, 2016

2 thoughts on “falling leaves

  1. i like the blue background “natural” arrangement a lot. i do a lot of what i call “urban” hiking—because without driving that’s what i have access too. it’s not (usually) city but more small-town-like sidewalks. i’ve taken those “natual” arrangement photos for a decade or two. every time i walk i take my camera (since before phones were cameras). and i’m always taking those shots. the sidewalks are great background grays mostly, however a wide variety of grays and off-whites too. where i live i often find “cement” or “sidewalk” fossils as well, where leaves, blossoms, seeds etc. fall into the wet cement as they smooth the surface. the leaves etc. eventually crumble away leaving beautiful “fossils” or imprints in the sidewal. also footprints from birds, bikes, dogs, cats, human beings (both hand and bare feet as well as shoes) and drawings and writings are all there in the walk ways of my “urban” trails. actual hikes also yield great images on the dirt trails too, as well of course as the scenery around both urban and country/mountain hikes.

    very cool on the Christmas tree. i used to do this as well. i had a terrific blue spruce i kept going for years this way. i bought it very small then replanted it in a larger container.

    fun. aloha.


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