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I took this photo of our snowdrops yesterday.  They are small flowers and they grew well this year.  Years ago, I began leaving the leaves from the fall in the gardens.  Perhaps they provide some help in our cold Wisconsin springs by Lake Michigan.  During the years when I drove to Milwaukee every weekend to help with my mother’s care, I saw all the flowers bloom there, then here.  A double blessing.

One year, the weather was warm then cold, and that was hard for the apple orchards.

The garden seems to teach many lessons.  One lesson I learned was to let go of what worked in another state, and learn where I am now.  Some years are better than others, and there are losses too.  The ferns were affected by drought one year, but returned the next.


The Haiku Foundation published a new gallery, Haiga of Ion Codrescu.  I am grateful for his painting for my poem, and will let you read more about his work and view this wonderful gallery at The Haiku Foundation.

after the stores
ornamental grasses
in snow

Ellen Grace Olinger

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