The one-word prompt today is CONTRAST.

I remember the beauty of spring perennials the first spring after my mother’s winter passing (2004).

And I think of the contrast between Good Friday and Easter.

When I experienced major surgery and illness, after achieving some professional goals, that was quite a contrast.  One day I thought, “If life reverses, it can reverse again.”  Hope and new life.

Now I am so grateful for simple everyday routines, and being able to create with blogs.  Yesterday I got my hair cut, and I almost qualify for the senior discount.

At a grocery store in a nearby small town, I was asked if I needed help with my groceries, and I only had two small bags to take to the car.


In October 2012, I wrote a poem called Contrasts:

cold winds in predawn hours
gentle music and a cup of coffee
stir-fried vegetables in olive oil

Autumn so swift this year
time now for a long project or two
let the days grow short, read and rest

clouds hover over small space for sun
wear a bright sweater, look at the gold leaves
store it all for a winter of faith

Ellen Grace Olinger

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