one-word prompt: Sentimental

older now
used books settle
in their new home

Karl and I enjoy thrift stores.  I am noticing more books, perhaps for a few dollars or less.  These are books that recall another time, or perhaps are more recent.  I might buy a novel, or a book of poems, or devotions.

Our roads can be icy and it takes a long time for the warm weather to arrive by Lake Michigan.  So we have walked around Good Will, Bethesda Thrift Store, a Habitat For Humanity store in Sheboygan, My Best Friend’s Closet in Oostburg, and other places.

I love being older now, yet often miss days gone by.  Yet these days can be present-tense in another way.


2 thoughts on “one-word prompt: Sentimental

  1. I love thrift stores too! Not only do I love a fun find and a great deal… but everything has a story behind it. Like you said, they recall another time.


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