indoor corn plant

The corn plant is tall and I tried some photos yesterday.  The plant lives on the floor, but I put it on a chair to show the new growth.  I saw there are three new leaves on the plant as a whole.  Seems perfect for the new year, and the green is so beautiful.

Ellen Grace Olinger

5 thoughts on “indoor corn plant

  1. OMG! I have this same exact plant in my room! I didn’t know the name. Now, I do! Thanks! I have decorated the bottom part with twinkle lights and it is serving as my Christmas tree. Looks very nice. Wish I could send you a pic to see. How often do you water it?


      1. That’s the same problem I have. That’s why I asked. I don’t have a green thumb and am surprised the plant has lasted as long as it has. I have it placed in front of a window for sunlight. I’d better go water it now. 🙂


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